Wednesday, August 1, 2012

back to the right track

me is back!
sorry for the lake of update. i know i suck at keeping this blog running as fast as hamis jalikha. given that, i've muchos to do during internship and now my action research is killing me. don't know where to start even i have all those stuff needed. still, procrastinating is my best friend.

anyway, happy fasting to all muslims around the world!. hope this ramadhan brings happiness to us especially muslims in palestine. keep praying for em'!

so yeah, a lot of horrible, terrible, vegetables, slashing, amazing, exciting things happened since i last posted an update. im just going to list down those important things instead of going A - Z.

1. internship - s.k patikang laut, keningau.

2. posting 2013: putrajaya, johor and negeri sembilan. no regret!

3. allowance is running out.

4. too many going places. (Q,Q)

i guess that's all for now. haha. the famous line you see when i have nothing to say. night me hearties. sleep well me scurve mates!


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