Thursday, December 1, 2011

tell me something i don't know

morning ladies and gentlemen!.

just visited and analyzed my nuffnang. gosh, only 144 uniques for this week!. kalau dulu sampai 1K la konon tapi sekarang ni nah amekaw.. 144 ja. wakakakaa. give me five la bro. mana sudah semangat mau blogging tu. hahaha. so, for the sake of my blog, i must plan something new and different but i don't know when the heck it will start.

as you can see, my holidays are approaching. and i'm still here in Sipitang doing my usualssss. i know i must be mindful on what's important to me so i guess i should take advantage of the holidays to give a hoot and immerse myself with errrmmmm something worthwhile?. i swear!!!!!. will jot them after this.

so, to end up this post, these are random photos from my camera. bermain-main dengan bokeh...


suezen said...

sama laaaaa...kalau dulu ada beratus....skang tinggal 1

AJ said...

hhehehe.tu la bah kan kak..time 2009 l masa kita rancak blogging2 ni