Friday, June 17, 2011

social networks

yeah, sunny friday!. alhamdulillah. i mean, c'mon, it's been raining here for days now. it kinda dashes me when if i cant go outside when i really need to jog.

i know my blog is very inconsistent nowadays. sorry guys. actually, i lost everything what i wanted to write sometimes. plus, days passed by too fast so i just forget about it.

so tonight, i wanna talk about social networks of mine.

FRIENDSTER (commonly known as FS). it was the usual place to be for me from 2005 to 2008. in short, FS got boring. i just think that FS is dull and childish. like, the only thing you can do there is send comment, animated pictures and post buletin. i cant stand for that. i want to be entertained. not bored. sorry ya kawan-kawan yang masih aktif FS. hehe.

in feb 2009, TAGGED caught my eye. actually, its more like FS. nothing much interesting there cept for the pet thingi. hahaha. i've made quite a number of new friends there, 1000 friends in a week ok!. apapun, tagged la yang menyembuhkan luka dihati aku dalam seminggu selepas mengalami perubahan monsoon. hahaha. lawak.

BLOGGER. as far as i concern, i started my blog in august 2008. blogger is quite okay because its more personal and i get to type down anything i like and customize my page. imagine, i could change my layout 10 times everyday masa tahun 2008. gila weh. hahaha. and i always asked pika's help to put html or skin. something like that. lol. funny. how i miss that moment. - but, remembering my previous posts makes me feel so sad. kenapalah aku emo sangat masa tu sampai semua post aku buang. :'(

FACEBOOK.kinda fun. i can find a lot of applications there. compared to FS and taggged,  its more user-friendly and quite groovy. by the time i signed up for facebook (around feb 2009) i knew i would be up and running there and and my friendster and tagged account will be abandoned. i think facebook is getting overrated here in malaysia but who cares right? facebook is pretty fun.

so, that's all about my social networks. what about you guys?.


SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

I like Blog & FB :).

rayenyson. said...

cewek paksa saya sign up fb. now fb is my cewek