Monday, March 7, 2011

Facebook profile pic

How to get a great Facebook profile pic?- CLEO.AU

The photographer: Cybele Malinowski
 • The perfect pose. Turn slightly sideways, planting one foot in front of the other. Point your toe to the camera and place your weight on the back foot. Chin down and eyes up, ladies!

• The slender secret. Keep arms away from your torso, so they don’t squish down and double in size. Instead, pose with hands on your hips, like you’re on the red carpet. Also, cross your legs a little to make your thighs look slender.

• Highlight your assets. Whatever is closest to the camera will appear the biggest, so try to draw attention to body parts you’re most proud of
(think Marilyn Monroe in her bent-over pose highlighting her, um, chest!).

• Learn basic retouching. Have a play with a graphics editing program, like Adobe Photoshop. Adjust the contrast, increasing or decreasing the saturation depending on the look you’re after.

• Composition. A cluttered background will distract, while a clean one will emphasise the subject. So, before you snap your picture, ask yourself, “What is the main subject of this photo?” and “Does the subject (in this case, you) fill the frame?”.

• The most flattering angle. If your friend is taking a shot of your whole body, ask them to position the
camera from your hip upwards.

• Bye-bye, red-eye. Either turn off the flash, or, if you must use it, don’t look directly into the camera lens.

• Be wary of shutter delay. That is, the amount of time between the pressing of the shutter button and when the image is actually captured. Practise using your camera in different lights and locations to get an idea of the delay so you can factor it in next time.
• Avoid underexposure. When shooting indoors, use a window or lamp to add extra light to the scene.

The stylist: Talia Maltz
• Know your body. Work with your best assets and downplay the not-so-great. Not too keen on your arms? Wear sleeves and opt for a skirt to draw attention to your legs. Broad shoulders? V-necks, square-necks or round-necks will lengthen your torso.

• Colour yourself slim. It’s not just head-to-toe black that makes you look thinner. Wearing an entire outfit of any one colour works the same way.

• Use props. Place objects you’re holding in front of body parts you’d rather hide, eg, a purse in front of your belly, or a jacket slung over the shoulder.

• Be fierce. The main ingredient for a perfect shot is confidence and being able to carry yourself. So stop stressing and over-thinking – just own it!

The make-up artist: Julia Green
• Don’t go OTT. The best photos show off your personality, so don’t do too much with your make-up or hair. You want pics to reflect who you are.

• White up your eyes. Cream/eggshell-coloured eyeliner on the inner lower rim gives the illusion of bigger eyes.

• Contouring is key. This helps to slim and sculpt the face. Using a matt, taupe-coloured eyeshadow, make a number “3” on each side of the face. Starting at the temple, run a brush along the hairline to under the cheekbone, then run it alongside the side of the face, following the jaw line.

• Pick a hairstyle. Find one that suits your face shape. For example, if you have a wide face, add body to your hair by avoiding a middle-part. Or, try bangs if you have a large forehead.

• Play with light. Use make-up to bring out your best features and hide others. Tip: For a slimmer-looking nose, apply bronzer to the outside of the bridge and keep the centre lighter.

• Heavy foundation is a no-go. It’ll just look unnatural. Also, use blotting paper to combat unsightly shine.