Saturday, November 13, 2010

don't you wanna stay?

hi blog.
yeah, my blog is very inconsistent. sorry blog. memory loss.

days passed by too quickly and i just forgot about it. @,@'


i have been pondering about this.

i learned that statistically, lelaki di dunia ini kurang berbanding perempuan so bukan setiap perempuan dapat prince charming. and maybe most of them, sadly, are stuck with the wrong prince charming. :(:(:(:(:(

but, please!

don't put it in your mind that statistically men are lesssssser than women and you are doomed because there are so much prettier girls out there. cut the crap about loving yourself. i'm sure each one of you ever felt that you are never enough "at times" during those random crappy days. then you be upset the fucking whole day just to be fine the next day and fuck it, you are awesome just the way you are. kan? so don't look at a man as a statistic but instead, a magical? i know it sounds lame but it's true.

bah, aku perlu tengok buku ni. ndak boleh cakap panjang-panjang. apapun, fikirkanlah wahai kaum-kaum hawa diluar sana.

so i end up my post here. 

don't you wanna stay by kelly Clarkson Ft. Jason Aldean