Tuesday, July 20, 2010

imagination land

hi blog.
i'm feeling unwell. i'm coughing the hell out of me. hakhukhakhuk everytime!. sakit tekak aku ni!. :'(. it's like i'm a super old woman. lol


i think sometimes it is best to keep the idea inside you and stay there.@,@

you know, i grew up with star wars, transformers and comic books when i was a kid. i must admit i am not a super fan on any of them and would prolly rate myself as average+ sajalah.. (the + for slightly knowledgeable than a normal person). lol.

but wouldn't it be awesome if someone made a movie of all the three worlds? imagine an epic battle between wolverine against darth vader whilst megatron tries to conquer earth as optimus prime along with spider man and chewbaca joining forces to sto..no wait, scratch that. movie tends to spoil it big time.

oh well. there's always imagination land. hahaha


Uruchimaru @ kf said...

bah jgn lupe mam ubat batuk!

slmt mlm..

A.J. said...

ok kf..thanks :)

mEiZ SHA said...

x sehat ye...
makan obat ok sweetie..:)

Uruchimaru @ kf said...

salam cik ayin yg baek hati..hambe dengan ini telah menjemput anda seorang dari 5 org untuk join contest lensa buruk ini tanpe paksaan walaupun mcm ade unsur2 paksaan hee..sekian,bah terima kasih ^-^

sile link ke sini :-