Friday, June 25, 2010

gajah meluncur

YES, school's starting in exactly 3 days. oh wow! hahaha . i like that!. 3/4 of me is excited about it cause i miss them friends and wake up at 5.30am five days a week!.(mintak tampar). and you know la pergi mana 1/4 tu. melompat pergi assignments la mana lagi. hahahaha. ;p

actually, i wanna rant but better don't la cause i swear i can rant endlessly until the bottom of the page. hahaha. so, better zip my mouth and be happy :D:D:D:D

you know, when i feel sad i like to entertain myself by doing some ranting shitzz on my private blog. yeah. no one knows until when-when. hahahaha. so many private stories bah. i won't let you read them. (serious face). sorry po. so many grammatical errors right?. apapun, aku tak peduli. lalalalalitamplung! ;p

ok. jangan bah serius sangat. hehehe. i wanna show you these pictures. i found them while browsing through some random webbies.

i laughed so hard when i read this.

nice description. lol

 God made it that way.hahahahahahahahahahha

ni lagi.
mau tercabut gigi aku tengok jawapan dia.
kalau aku la yang cek jawapan ni. ntahlah adoiiiiiiiii. hahahaha 

 so true.
this cracked me up!!:D:D:D:D

yang paling lucu antara semua!

 gajah meluncur!!!!!! hahahahahah

enough posts for today. haha
it's time for me to depart.
bye-bye! :D


Anonymous said...

yess!! 1st one to comment! here it is...haha..tajam btol mata dia..

Anonymous said...

yess!! 1st one to comment! here it is...haha..tajam btol mata dia..

norman said...

hahaha... mo pecah ketawa nampak jawapan2 tu... specially, psl gajah tu...

AJ. said...

anonymous: uiks..sepa ni?

norman: tulah..meluncur lg di sana..sott

Uruchimaru @ kf said...

gajah dlm silibus math adkh?

ni mesti lupe rumus hee..

Uruchimaru @ kf said...

skdr pesanan saje..
bha if bored to do something why u join here..

SJB said...

Wakakakak terimagine saya tu gajah meluncur hahahha.

AJ. said...

kf: adalah..heheh.

sis sue: hahahahahaha.lawak tul jwpn budak tu bh..